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Managed Backup

About PDXBackup

Primisys is proud to offer our very own fully managed PDXBackup solution which is a hybrid on-site and off-site backup solution for both enterprise grade servers as well as workstations.

Fully managed solutions like PDXBackup means the hardware and software licensing is provided for a single monthly fee. Any backup software upgrades made available by the software vendor will be installed at no additional cost to the client. Backup hardware including the hard drives and NAS device will eventually fail over time, and the backup hardware replacement costs are included in the base monthly fee.

Backup solutions do require maintenance to ensure that backups are completing successfully. We will monitor and resolve any issues with your PDXBackup protected devices at no additional labor cost for anything that is related with the actual backup solution provided. Standard labor fees will
apply for recovering data from the backup solution.

PDXBackup Benefits


Fully managed and monitored backup solution: hardware, software, and unlimited cloud storage provided in one monthly fee.


Local onsite sector-level system image backups which are also synced into the cloud.


Quickly mount backup images to recover individual files/folders without the need of full system restoration.


Government-level encryption both on the image base and across cloud replication. Our firewall blocks everyone except our clients.


Backup images are verified after the are made, after they're synced to the cloud, and re-verified on a regular basis.


Backups are stored locally on a 2-bay or 4-bay NAS with redundant storage, as well as offsite at our primary datacenter.