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HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance Services

Primisys is committed to supporting your HIPAA compliance officer’s efforts to ensure your organization has applied reasonable and appropriate security measures to secure ePHI. In support of this goal, Primisys IT Consultants can assist your practice conduct the required periodic risk assessment related to ePHI in the HIPAA Security Rule. Our risk assessment procedures adhere strictly to the HHS HIPAA Security Rule’s documentation for Administrative, Physical and Technical Safeguards.

Administrative Safeguards

We will help conduct the required periodic checks to ensure compliance, regularly review existing practices related to ePHI on the network, create policies and procedures to help prevent, detect and respond to security incidents, secure against malware with our Remote Monitoring and Maintenance solution and implement compliant disaster recovery procedures.

Physical Safeguards

We will help ensure appropriate physical safeguards are in place where necessary. This includes securing workstations if necessary, ensuring fax machines are not accessible to the general public, and positioning monitors to reduce the risk of unauthorized views of ePHI.</p> <p>

Technical Safeguards

We will help ensure appropriate access controls are in place for activities related to ePHI processing, ensure compliant backup policies, ensure compliant network security policies, ensure messaging systems are compliant and ensure mobile devices that contain ePHI are properly encrypted.

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If you have IT problems or projects,  we can help. With over 25 years operating experience, Primisys provides proven, valuable IT consulting services:

Technology Consulting

  • IT performance improvement
  • Business process improvement
  • Capacity planning and management
  • Remediation, troubleshooting, and repair
  • IT infrastructure design and architecture
  • Microsoft Exchange support
Strategic IT Planning and Consulting

  • Aligning your IT infrastructure to your business objective
  • Change management
  • Custom software development
  • Analyzing the ROI on your IT investments
  • Outsourcing cost analysis
Cloud Consulting

  • Migration
  • Performance
  • Security
  • 24×7 monitoriong
  • Virtualization migration and hosting
IT Security Consulting

  • Network Security and risk mitigation
  • Regulatory Compliance management
  • Backup and disaster recover plans
  • Active intrusion protection and detection
  • HIPAA Compliance management
Apple and Mac Consulting and Support

  • Design and support
  • Compliance and security
  • Integration into a hybrid environment
VoIP Services Consulting

  • Voice-over-IP design, configuration and troubleshooting
  • VOIP Cost savings analysis
  • Hosted and on-premise VoIP systems